Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 2- Something you want to do before you die

There are several things I want to do before I die, get married, have kids, have a music studio, live in the country.. But those are more life goals I guess you would say.

I would really like to visit every state in the Union before I die. I've already been to 10, and lived in 2, so I'm you know, 1/5'th of the way there?! I really really really want to go to Hawaii. Especially after the Yang to my Yin moved there, Amy, seeing her pictures and stories of all the amazing things she gets to do there REALLY makes me want to visit. Actually it makes me want to move there!!

Kind of a sad little bucket list when I look at it. I guess I've always been a fairly in the moment person, I have a hard time picturing the future..

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ASN said...

Thanks to my grandfather, I love travelling to different states. I probably have a little over half of them and my absolute favorite so far is Alaska. You really get a sense of God's creation up there.