Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Blogger- Snugglemuffin!!

Hello to my loyal fans! Tis, I, Benjamin, aka Snugglemuffin blogging for my Auntie!!!! She's a little busy so I thought I'd stop by and tell you what I've been up to! I am turning into a BIG BOY!!! (this makes Auntie sad) I am a whole 6 months now!
Yeah that's right, I sit up on my own, curl my adorable little toes and make funny faces. My legs are getting super long! I am definately going to take after Daddy and my Auntie and be tall!
I can roll from my back to my stomach but haven't quite figure out how to roll myself onto my back. This has been disturbing the sleep of my household because I don't like it very much and let everyone know how I feel about this particular matter.
I really like standing up!!!! Its fun!!! And yes, my hair is coming in strawberry blonde!
I am practicing my serious portrait look for when I'm the President of the United States. Oh wait, My Auntie says I can't be that, too dangerous, I instead shall be the cutest, and most smartest, and most wonderful and love nephew that ever was born! Yeah, I think I have that one covered allready!

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LizzieB said...

He actually can roll over both ways, he quit that middle of the night stuff after about a week.I think he was trying to attack his pacifier & accidentally rolled over in the process. Now he just gets his pacifier in his hand and puts it in himself.