Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Kim!! from.......

The Caca's!
From your other parents :)
And you other Grams :)
And another from your other Parents because Mom got carried away!

Mom, Jenn and Ayva

Jodi and Amber!


Becky, Matt, Ben, Thadd and Charlotte!



5 seconds later she ate your sign... But she did it happily!

Brad, MaryBeth and "Peanut"
(And yes, Kim, that means what you think it does!!)

30 years ago, on a warm Florida day a little curly haired girl was born.
It would take 21 years for this little curly haired girl to meet me,

no one could know that that meeting at Pensacola Christian College,

in a shared bathroom, over curling irons and hairspray, would change my life forever.

You see, that little curly haired Floridian, wasn't just any curly haired girl,

oh no,

Kimberly Michelle Lewis was and IS one of a kind!

Despite our differences, her obsessive love of all things Nascar and the 5 inch height difference,

we have become the best of friends,


we are eachothers sister of the heart.

I can't imagine my life without her,

and its hard to remember my life before her,

She is who I turn to at all times.

When my heart is hurt, and I feel broken,

when I'm excited over anything big or small,

when i'm shopping in Target and see something cute,

and don't know if i should get it or not

We share everything and our lives,

her family is my family,

and vice versa.

She is one of the kindest,

most self sacrificing people I have ever met,

and some how, someway, she loves me!

In the Bible it talks about speaking truth as love,

and friends as iron sharpens iron,

This describes Kim.

She has a passion for the Lord and for serving him, no matter what the cost.

And today, on her 30'th Birthday,

We celebrate Kim, and the life that she has,

the love that she has given all of us!

And we Thank the Lord for blessing us,

with Kimberly Michelle Lewis!

Happy 30'th Birthday to my very bestest friend in the whole universe!

We all love you SO SO MUCH!!!!

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