Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ladies who Lunch- June Edition!

Weds was our Monthly Ladies who Lunch!! YAY! I look forward to these every month! I met Emboz at the library and this little cutie was on the ground, when she saw me she got the biggest smile on her face and started crawling to me as fast as possible! It was just the most precious thing!! I love that she recognizes me and loves me :)
I was happy that I got her to laugh when we were walking outside. I haven't really heard her giggle much before, she's a smile monster! Her giggles were soo cute and made me smile as well! Oh I just heart her!!

One of these days, before she goes off to college we will master the self portrait with both of us smiling. Practice makes perfect!

I love that smily girl!!

This picture just makes me laugh and laugh. We all try to entertain Madi when we take pictures and make noises and all kinds of stuff to get her to smile, apparently she was not so much loving the noises I was making!

Ahhhh much better!!

I don't know who these lunatics are.....?

I would like to point out that Bethy took pictures of herself AFTER she had mocked me for all the pictures I had of myself on my camera. Just stating a fact.

There were more but I'm saving you from them :)

Madi was getting sleepy so I saw her down beside me like a big girl to distract her. It did not work, but I enjoyed the fact that she was about the same size as my purse!

I can barely see over the table, Auntie Cherry won't let me drink her mt dew. i want my nap now.

The Pink Weds Brigade!!!

Yes I did let Bethy be in this picture even though she refused to wear pink and wrote up a Declaration that it was in fact Blue Weds instead of Pink Weds. However, her Declaration is not official because she made Madi sign as her co hort and Madi signed under duress. I know this for a fact.

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