Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A night with Bergs!

Tuesday night I spent with Bergs and Gunnar! I nearly died and went to heaven when she gave me this delectable treat of "angel cake" as Gunnar calls it, ice cream, and fresh picked strawberries. mmm I can almost taste it now! *drools*

So Gunnar took a hardcore nap before Miss Charity arrived and it must have been quite epic because his hair reflected it! I about cracked up everytime I looked at it, it was just funny! And his little personality fit his hair! He was too cute!

Bless his heart! I really enjoyed hanging out with the G Man! The other best part of the night was when we sat down to dinner and he prayed. And then he made Bergs pray. And me pray. It was sooo precious because he prayed and thanked God for EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I thought about that later on, he was so pure and thankful for all of the little things that God had given us, kind of convicted me a bit because when I am so thankful for every single little thing? Out of the mouths of children...

He wasn't quite sure what was going on with the self portrait. Don't worry I will train him!!! It only looks like he's trying to get away from me.

Kinda didn't realize the zoom was still on my camera at this point! HA! but I think we still look cute!!!!

Ahhh thats better! Love my Bergs! Was so nice to spend the evening with her and Gunnar! After dinner we sat on her bed and watched NKOTBSB dvr'd on the Today show. We even had the little man singing along and dancing at one point. I was proud!!!

To make the evening even more epic, we watched Justin Timberlake on SNL!! I just heart him!!!! I told Bergs if Danny Gokey had been involved it would have been the Trifecta and I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep that night!!! HA!!

I had to take this for Caca. Bergs and Caca have the same couch and I totally fell in love with Caca's when I visited her last summer!!!! I was quite happy to sit on the comfyness again!!! Reunited and it feels so good!!

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Jessica said...

Glad you had a good time :) We will have to do it again and have G sing and dance for us.