Monday, June 20, 2011

The post for which I have no good title..

I would like to preface this blog with the fact that yes, I know I'm boring. But I keep saying I'm going to blog and can never think of anything good to write about and strangely enough I seem to be in a picture taking funk because I've hardly taken any pictures this month. I know. I'm about to check myself into a hospital because clearly something is not right with me!

Wow that was an insanely long sentence and I"m pretty sure Dr Chapman would have a coronary if he read that.

Oh well.

Point being, I'm just going to blog about random nothingness because hey, thats better than notthing, right? RIghT!

So if you follow me on Twitter, (ha, I've always wanted to have a good reason to say that!) you saw this picture from what happened in our town this morning. We had torrential rains, and when I say torrential boy howdy I mean it! To the tune of almost 2 inches coming down per hour! The "lake" you see here is actually all the front lawn of a business at the end of my road. I have never seen it flooded like that before. I was pretty shocked.

By God's grace I made it early to work and went in right before it cut loose. Literally. By the time I got to the second floor, the sky was totally black. I walked into my office and it started pouring down outside and did that for really the next 2 1/2 hours. It was insane. I don't think its rained that hard in a long time.

I don't know if I've mentioned it on here but I'm having Sinus Surgery on July 6'th and for some reason today it hit me. And I started getting nervous, anxious and really wondering about it.

To those keeping track, I've had 10 surgeries in the past 11 years, this will make 11 in 11! ha!! So the concept of surgery shouldn't be that unfamiliar and scary to me. But other than my wisdom teeth I've never had surgery on my head. And its endoscopic through the nose so really no incisions or anything. Which is awesome!! But I'm just really unsure of what its going to be like.

I know its something I need and something that will make me feel alot better. Since Thanksgiving I've had a perpetual Sinus Infection and been on at least one antibiotic per month. So I have a pretty bad problem, and I'm glad it will be fixed but I'm just getting a little anxious.

If you've had sinus surgery please leave me a comment with your thoughts about recovery!!!

It looks to be a fairly quiet week here which is nice. I'm having lunch with Emboz and Madi on Weds YAYS!! Weds night Apes and I have our new weekly date, she comes over and does laundry and we watch girly tv. I have addicted her to RHONJ :) And our new fave 'Finding Sarah" on OWN. Good stuff!!

I am loving summer. Its calm at work. And quiet. Its like the whole building just took a deep breath and exhaled. I love it.

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