Monday, June 27, 2011

Well Helloooo

I really have nothing of importance to say, but I'm trying to blog several times a week, soooo HAPPY MONDAY!!! (minus the fact this picture was taken on Friday)

This is going to be a fun week! Friday I will be leaving for IOWA!!! YEAAAH BUDDY!!! I am so excited to go see my nephew and spend some time with my brother and sil. I'm kind of fans of them! And I'm really excited to be able to give my SIL her Birthday present in person and see the look on her face! Then I can finally blog about the fabulous present I got her! Its pretty amazing I must say!!

I'm hoping and praying the week doesn't drag by at work, but if last week's silence is any indication it most likely will. Please remind of me this when fall hits and I am stressed to the max frmo constant people around. I will miss these quiet days then!

Happy Monday Y'all!!

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