Monday, June 27, 2011

Why you should use the bathroom before leaving work...

Here's a little story about my evening. Apparently God was trying to teach me something today as I was cranky pants in the afternoon and was not listening to him, so he graciously amped it up a notch for me.

I got off work at 6 pm as normal, and decided to run to the "Sketchy" Marsh to grab some Pierogies to make a super yum casserole I saw a recipe for. I grab a package of Drumstick ice cream while I'm at it. Nothing but healthyness here folks. Check out, and on my way home.

Get to my apt, and go inside to check my mail before heading up to my third floor apt. It is at that point that I realize the key to my mailbox and my apt is gone from my key fob. Dread ensues.

I run back outside to my truck, look all around the ground, empty my purse and nothing. Crud. I remember that I have a spare key in my wallet that I was planning on giving Emboz as a back up. I happily pull my key out, and trek upstairs.

One slight problem.

It was the spare key to my old apt.

Remember how I moved up a floor and the opposite hallway over Thanksgiving to get away from the party boy? yeeahhh...

So I walk back downstairs to my truck, frozen food in tow, and call the front desk at work to see if anyone has turned in keys. They have not. I leave my number with Carrie and go to plan B. I call my Mom for the phone number to Marsh to see if I dropped them there. Was not to pleasant to Mom. :( Call Marsh, no keys have been turned in.

I decide to back track and go to Marsh myself. Nothing else to do. So I drive back to Marsh, eating one of my drumsticks as I drive, and get stuck behind a MOPED!!

Can I just take a minute and say how much I hate mopeds? I think if you can't drive the speed limit then you shouldn't be allowed on the road. Not to mention that in our town, everyone on moped's are those that have DUI's and lost their license so really, not feeling the love for the moped people.

But I digress.

SO I get to Marsh, someone is parked where I was parked so I pull in beside them, get out of the truck, and proceed to practically lay on the ground so i can see under their car and make sure my keys are not there. They were not there.

So I decide to make my way to Speedway next and see if I lost them there while I was tanking up on gas over lunch. Talked to some very nice young fellows inside who felt my pain, but alas they had no keys. :(

Finally I give up and call Katie Marie, who thankfully has a spare key to my apt, and take myself and my melted ice cream and full bladder over to her house.

Bless her heart I wasn't that pleasant on the phone either, DID I MENTION I BOUGHT ICE CREAM???!!!!!!! hahahah Poor Katie, she knew I was on the brink of no return and said Oohhh kay...

Thank goodness for Katie, I don't know what I'd do without her!!

So I got the key, and promptly took myself to Ace Hardware, which I just hysterical in itself because I look so clueless everytime I walk into that place. and made Four, yes FOUR keys. One of the gentleman asked me If I was planning on handing them out to everyone I passed on the street.

Thankfully for him I am a Christian and was working HARD at reminding myself of that fact because that moment was not so much of a let's ha ha ha moment.

I left Ace with 4 keys and two special rings to give to Katie and Emboz.

As I'm driving I realize my keys had my cvs card and payless card on the ring. I think I was more upset about that than the keys! I determined to kill whoever tries to use my gas discount with my payless card.

I drive to my apt and park. As I am reaching for my purse on the passenger side seat I see something sparkle. I look closer and definitely see something sparkling between my console and the passenger seat. That's weird I think to myself. What could that be?

I will give you two guesses what was sparkling.

How it landed there I will never know seeing as my keys are never on the passengers side.

I am a little frightened as to what will happen tomorrow because clearly I did NOT learn the lesson God was trying to teach me about patience and my attitude.


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