Friday, July 15, 2011

4'th of July with my Snugglemuffin!!

This 4'th of July was the BEST EVER!! I got to go spend three days with my Snugglemuffin!! We became Backseat Buddies, as I rode with him in the back. He looked at me a little weird the first time, but then every other time when he was put in he would automatically look over at my chair to see if I was there! It was sooo sweet! I just love him so much!!

He also loved holding my hand. Or rather my index finger. I'd always have my hand over on his car seat and everytime we went somewhere he would hold my hand! Oh it just melted my heart completely!!

I think this is my new fave picture of us!! He's not trained to smile at the camera yet, or do self portraits, ha you should see those outtakes! But we're working on it! He is just so sweet! The shirt he is wearing here I bought for him before I knew he was a little boy!

Saturday we went to the Grocery Store and Kev ended up helping Liz so I pushed B in the cart. We had a grand time. I pretended it was a ride and made noises and went back and forth oh he loved it!! Kev and the rest of the shoppers, maybe not so much! But i have discovered I will do ANYTHING to get a smile out of my nephew! He has the sweetest smile and grin and making him smile makes me feel like I have won all the awards in the world! Its just the best feeling ever!!

We also went to his first friends Birthday party! Here we are with Chantelle the Mommy and a dear friend of our family. I love this picture, its just so sweet!!

Three friends and a stud!!!

We went to Church Sunday am and B had to model his handsome outfit for Nana!! He had the most adorable slip on shoes!

I think this picture is pretty cute too. But then again every picture with my snugglemuffin is!!

hahah I am a horrible Aunt but this cracks me up! I guess he was getting tired of his photo session in his Jumparoo! I picked him up and he quit crying though. No nephews were harmed in the entertainment of this picture! I was supset I didn't get a good picture of his outfit! He has on the cutest little romper that says "my aunt digs me!" and has a shovel and a pail! So Adorable!!

Huge thanks to K&L for hosting me this weekend and meeting us in P town to pick me up and take me home. And apologies for so many pictures of him. They are trying to protect his privacy and well being, so this Auntie is struggling not to show every single picture because I think he's totally adorable!! But for his safety I shall behave myself!

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