Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. When you read this I'll be at work which will most likely turn into the longest day in the history of the world. bet on it. Pre Holiday weekend days are always dead and laborous.

2. I'm excited that Saturday I will get to see my dear friend Chantelle, and her little boy Ethan at his 2nd Birthday Party! Chantelle is a good friend of our family and was the MOH in K&L's wedding and I haven't been able to see her since so I'm very excited!!

3. And to add the the fun fabulous fourth I will get to meet in person, for the very first time after knowing eachother for over 8 years, the one, the only, JOY GEER!!! YEAH!!!!!! It will be a PCC Reunion and I am so excited to see her sweet face!!

4. I may die from a happiness overload this weekend. I just very well may.

5. I got this new makeup that I'm not sure if I love or not yet. Its Revlon's Colorstay Aqua and its quite interesting! Its a powder but when it comes in contact with your skin its cold and wet!! I was not expecting that and let's just say it woke me up very quickly!

6. I just got a new writing JOB! I was pretty excited! And a little nervous!

7. I don't think there is anything more fun than teaching music and seeing the kids eyes light up when they finally get it. So exciting!

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Mrs. C said...

ohh what is your writing job!
Yep, I love when the girls do piano lessons and they have a lightbulb moment! It helps they have a pretty awesome teacher!