Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ladies who Lunch! Pink Weds July Edition

Weds we had our monthly Ladies who lunch and this month we got to have a special addition! Jboz!!! Otherwise known as Auntie Beans to Bethy and Madi!! Poor Madi was really sleepy today so the smiles were few and far between but she really liked my Wildberry Frozen Lemonade!
I tried the stuffed provolone meatball fettuccine.. ehh... meatballs didn't have much cheese and were spicer than I liked. I was disappointed.
One of the rare smiles from Sleepy Madi today!
Look at her adorable pink skirt! She is a faithful Pink Weds Follower!
Not so much for Bethy who is still adament that it's Blue Weds. Not happenin kid.
Jboz!!!! She had Pink on as well! Pink Scrubs!
The Pink Weds Brigade!! Madi was not so much interested in posing today. I have like 4 pictures of us doing this and her head is in a different direction in every picture, and yet never looking at the camera!
Untill you stick it up in her sad little face that is!
Auntie Beans lovin on Madi. Look at Madi's painted piggies!! I love baby feet!
She looks like she's being tortured. Must be rough to be loved so much!
I think this picture snapped by Emboz says it all! Love my girls! Crazy as we all are!

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