Friday, August 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. After complaining, my apt complex actually credited my account to make up for leaving my balcony door open with the A/C on! That was a great blessing!

2. Today I am picking up my new glasses that I ordered TUESDAY!! I got two pairs and I'm really excited! No fears I will model them on the blog!

3. 5 weeks from today I'll be spending the afternoon with my Snugglemuffin!!!!!!!!!!

4. My Parents are coming to town Saturday and taking me out to lunch at TEXAS ROADHOUSE!! Super excited for yummy rolls and sirloin beef tips but especially for some fun time with my family!

5. Before Apes left work I had sticky notes of my to do lists. Now I have a legal pad of paper with two sheets written on. Let's just say I am tired by the time I get home!

6. Holly and I have decided that we are pretty much the same person. Finally I have met someone who knows random weird things and celebrity gossip!

7. I am fully taking advantage of the great deal at Walgreen's this week on Complete Eye Care! 8.00 RR's!! I won't tell you how many I have :) I love being thrifty!

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