Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I am in a word, EXHAUSTED. I got a taste of what the faculty go through last night as I was at work until 9:45 pm and then back here at 7:50 am. Needless to say the weekend is going to be like the Bruno Mars Lazy Song.

2. I stepped out of my box and tried the chicken club tacos at Chili's today when I met Emboz for our monthly lunch. They were really really good!! and cheap!!

3. I really get the weirdest twitter followers. Does anyone else have this issue? I wonder where these people find me? and yet they don't tweet me? odd.

4. We made it through non instructional week without ANYONE crying!!! This is HUGE!! Nor did I eat ANY ice cream! That is WAY HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! However Payless had Edy's on sale tonight so I may or may not have bought some to stock up for the first week of classes :)

5. It made my day to have Holly visit me this afternoon!!! She was at the bookstore and stopped by to see me. I am recycling my magazines and giving them to her every week. yay!

6. I got to talk to Apes this week when I couldn't find something in her old desk I was texting her trying to find out where it was so she called the office and told me. it was soooo good to hear her voice and especially her laugh! I think I have been trying to not think about how much I miss her.

7. I really can't believe I made it through this week. It's all by the grace of God and God alone. It was hectic and chaotic and crazy busy and exhausting but it's over. And I don't have to think about Non Instructional week untill Spring. Hallelujah.

(8) If I never blog again it's because the first week of classes killed me :)

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