Friday, August 12, 2011

Great Deals with MyPoints!

Who here is a fan of MyPoints?

I've been a member since 1998 I believe and have gotten so many gift cards through this place for basically doing nothing, I LOVE IT!!

And I should say right now they are not having me advertise for them, they have no clue who I am or that I'm writing this post and probaly could care less.

Ok now that that's out of the way. You totally need to join MyPoints!! And You totally need to join through me and have me refer you so I can get more points too!

Basically what it is- You tell them what you're interested in when you sign up and they send you emails based on those interests. They send you deals and steal and exclusive offers that you can partake in, or if you just click on the link in the email you get 5 points. It's that simple.

If you do any online shopping it's great because if you go to the vendor, Say Barnes and Noble, like I did this morning, through MyPoints website and place your order you get a certain amount of points based on what you spend. B&N right now is 10 points per dollar which is pretty awesome.

I do alot of online shopping just because it's so easy, and I love that I can get rewarded for something I'm buying anyway.

After you get a certain amount of points you can redeem them for gift cards to almost anywhere you can think of! I like getting ones for Target or getting a plain Visa giftcard that I can use anywhere. They also have ones for Gas Stations! My parents use their points to get gift cards for Restaurants so they can eat out and get a treat for free.

Unfortunately they don't have a link I can post to send you right to them I have to have your email and they email it to you, but if you're interested leave me a comment!! It really is getting something for nothing WHICH I LOVE!!

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Kim said...

I am a member of MyPoints, love it!