Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I hate my apt complex

Here are two lovely stories from Tuesday night and Wednesday in the form of my facebook statuses.

One more year until my lease is up. Lord help me.


Dear Drunk, Pot Smoking, Loser head, downstairs neighbor-
My TV and radio work fine thankyouverymuch for playing yours so loud that I can share in every moment with you. Consider it a blessing that Assertive Cherrybear and not TWANDA met you at your door tonight.

PS. Standing on the other side of your door and pretending not to be there only works when 1. your tv isn't playing and 2. when you don't walk so loud that i hear you coming to the door and then standing there.
The Girl that cannot wait to move out of this pathetic junky apt complex


Today's I hate my apt complex vent. I come home from work to find they have been here painting my balcony (after finding a note on my door saying they are doing it TOMORROW!) Their lack of ability to tell time made sense when I walked in to find.....

that the moron had left my balcony door OPEN. Yes that's right. Open. it's 90+ degrees outside and my ac is on and he decides that apparently I am rich enough to cool down all of the south side of Lafayette. So if you live on the South side and noticed it was cooler this afternoon-You're welcome.

I will add that I emailed my apt complex management (which are a joke) about this complaining and wanting something done, cheaper rent perhaps? I bet anything they will email me back and turn it around to somehow being my fault, because they always do. And then they have the nerve to tell me that they do everything they can to treat their residents great. BALONEY HOHNEY!!

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