Saturday, August 6, 2011

Me and my Audie

So this is what happens every day at 3 pm! Audra comes down to my office for our 3 pm Snack!! You'll notice we have no snack in front of us, we were still stuffed from lunch (or rather the party they threw in her office the day before!) We alternate who brings the snacks and I provide the Ice Water from our fridge :) And yes, those are foam swords on my desk.
We were being funny posing with our sign that says "Students Please do not walk behind the counter" they do anyway. One hugged me once. I didn't know her so it was a tad awkward, but I digress! I let my Audie behind the counter!! And I even let her sit on me and my chair!!

This was prolly our last Friday together. Our campus is growing and growing which is great! But, since we are growing so much we are adding a Downtown location, which is also great!! Not so great is that Audra's office is one of the offices being moved to the new location. I might just starve to death from 3 pm and on every day now. :( Oh and I will miss her too!!

Actually I think I have convinced her that she needs to come to my Bible Study with me, so I will get to see her at least once a week! yays!

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