Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My day of fun

So today has been a SUPER FUN!! day!! Let's back up for a second, 2 weeks ago I went to UC and found out I had a kidney infection. Did 7 days of antibiotics and trucked along. This weekend I started not feeling like myself again so I decided that I would rather be safe than sorry and go back to UC after work on Monday (also the first day of classes).

Surprise Surprise I still have a kidney infection. The dr gave me more meds and some pain meds for my kidneys, bless her!!! And we talked about if this doesn't clear up me needing to see an Urologist. I will withhold my comments about that. for now.

I dropped off my scripts at my pharmacy and there was an hour wait so i went home, made dinner, got stuff ready for Piano Lessons Tues pm, and then went and picked up my meds. Took them with my dinner and all was fine.

For about an hour.

Than my left eyelid started to itch.

I thought that was weird but then I realized the allergens, pollen, ect had been bothering me alot lately with the "cooler" weather we've been having. So I decided to take some Benadryl on top of my regular allergy meds.

So I take them and I'm just feeling weird. Like I can't get a full breath and very lethargic. I figured it was just me being weird and went about my business and eventually went to bed.

I woke up at 4 am and i could tell my eye was swollen. I thought that was strange, so I took some more benadryl. Now I am one of those people that read the drug information that comes with my meds each and everytime. And as I'm laying in bed I specifically remember it saying If I have swelling of the face, eyes and tongue i should contact someone immediately.

So I lay in bed and think about that and drift in and out of sleep and then my alarm goes off. I go to open my eyes and realize only one eye will open!!

I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!!!

I finally was able to pry it open, as seen in the picture above, but it hurt!! I texted my bosses and told them what was going on and sent this picture, because Hello I work with Nurses and Health people!! They told me not to take anymore meds and get to UC as soon as it opened.

Let's just say I was there 15 mins before it opened and standing outside the locked door!!

Hearing them say that only freaked me out more. Especially after i got in the shower and discovered that my whole upper body was covered in hives.

I began having flashbacks to when I was 13 and discovered that I was allergic to ibuprofen. (i get hives head to toe and loose consciousness)

So then I'm really freaking out because I'm at my apt alone and who is going to know if I loose consciousness and come save me??!! (Emboz would have and I really prolly should have had her take me to UC since I was driving with one eye open....)

Thankfully I didn't. but i was pretty scared then.

It only freaked me out more when I was in the exam room at UC and looked in the mirror at my body and realized that my hives had at least doubled from the hour and a half in between my shower and seeing the dr.

Turns out I am allergic to Sulfate Antibiotics. He gave me different antibiotics, and steroids, and I am on enough benadryl to knock out a small cow as I said in my email to my peeps. :)

I just took my second dose of steriods and am hoping it gets rid of the swelling and rashes. MY torso looks alot better I still have some hives on my back and chest but nothing like this morning.

I can finally open my eye pretty much all the way open and that is great! it still hurts and itches alot.

Needless to say this was not how I expected the first week of classes to go by any means.

I should just turn this blog into freaky health stuff that happens to me.

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Piper said...

Oh dear! I hope that you are feeling much better very soon. <3