Friday, August 12, 2011

What's Happenin' Cherrybear??!

Well if you haven't noticed I've been going through a bit of a blogging slump lately. Things have been SO busy at work with Apes gone, and me being two people now, that by the time I get home I am done.

I have no words or no desire to sit down at a computer and type! Trying to do better at that! Plus really nothing exciting has happened lately. Just a lot of work and gearing up for the beginning of the school year and all that entails.

I've been practicing being the Adult that I am (and would rather not be!) lately and have been cooking some. Unfortunately I am still sticking with my life long issue of finding a food I like and eating it ALL.THE.TIME. This new food I'm eating. Tacos. Tacos with black beans and pinto beans. Leaf Lettuce from Dad's garden along with Tomatoes, sour cream and my new favorite condiment-Ortega's Taco Sauce. It's like a slice from heaven. I swear I could drown the entire taco with that sauce and be a happy camper!

And don't even get my started on my continuous summer love affair of cucumbers. yum.yum.yum.

Lest you think that all I've been doing is eat. Oh wait. hmmm....

I took a break writing this for a few hours and now my brain is back to fried mush!

I have been working on couponing more lately and trying to get better deals.

Unfortunately all the money I saved this week was spent today as I discovered ebay yesterday and am the proud owner of 3 new tags still on pairs of dress pants. This is actually good because I have one, count them ONE pair of dress pants that I can wear in the winter.

My two favorite pairs got holes in the legs so I had my Mom cut them off into capri's because 1.I'm cheap and 2. i hate shopping for dress pants. It annoys me. hopefully these fit. did I also mention that I hate trying clothes on? I think this is probably why I enjoy online shopping. that and no annoying people and crowds.

I don't know how much more I will ebay because the auction of the pants I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted was today, and almost an hour before it ended someone tried to swoop in and outbid me. Jerk made me pay 2 more dollars than I had it set at! but still though 12.00 for a brand new pair of 40+ pants is a steal. It stressed me out though!! I don't know how much more of that I can take. Unfortunately or rather thankfully my shopping budget is done after today so no more ebaying for awhile. All I can say is that these darn pants had better fit and look good!!

On a totally unrelated note, why is it that when I am sitting at my computer, i.e. sitting on the left side of my couch with my laptop, someone always texts me, and my phone is by my overstuffed chair to the past the right side of my couch. I mean I do live in a one bedroom apt it's not like I'm miles away from it but still though. I think its a conspiracy. And I also think I am dead tired.

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