Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I am having the time of my life with my Snugglemuffin here!!! Tomorrow we head to Nana's so I am sure he will forget all about his Auntie, but he has warmed up to me quite well!!

2. Getting off work at 12 on a Friday is pretty doggone awesome as well!!

3. Perfect weather tonight, 70 and raining. I have the balcony doors open. I love fall!!

4. Jessi has got the organizing bug into me. I finally cleaned and organized my bottom drawer at work today. If my former adviser had seen the un-labeled files, she would have had a heart attack.

5. I don't think my apt has been this clean since I moved in last Nov.

6. I am getting tired of people asking me if my hair is curly. It wasn't exactly straight before I cut it short!

7. We transitioned our office into Fall Decorations this week. I had to laugh when people who previously weren't sure about the flowers hanging from the ceiling, were excited about now having leaves. I have brought them to the dark side!! muahahaahah

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