Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. My drink blender broke. I am very saddened by this! Iced Coffee instead of my Fraup was not so yummy. :(

2. I have been home ONE night out of five. I am TIRED. With that said, Saturday is being spent in my Pj's on my couch.

3. Now you know why I have barely blogged lately!

4. I kind of like it being cooler outside and I'm starting to get used to the rain. Not ready for winter but I'm ok with fall!

5. I had the best cookie possibly in my entire 29 years of life on Weds night at bible study. I am saddened that I only had one. boo.

6. I can't wait for Madi's first birthday party next weekend! I got her some super cute stuff! And my BFF Kim made her some neat things for me to give her as well!! I love birthdays!

7. I discovered our campus bookstore sells magazines. Like up to date magazines. Like the newest issue of People on the day it comes out. I LOVE magazines and faithfully read People every single Friday night. I was pretty danged excited. Its the small things people.

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Lucky in Love said...

Probably should've left you that huh? :)