Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grace in the Small things

1. A thunderstorm at the farm.

2. Grilled Pizza. It was very yummy!

3. Spending the entire day in PJ's.

4. No makeup.

5. Curling up on the couch and reading magazines.

6. Looking forward to worshiping with my parents on Sunday!

7. Knowing at this time next week I will be with my ENTIRE Family, Snugglemuffin included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. New Makeup!!

9. Michelle bringing my Avon to work and visiting with me! I heart her!!

10. Bible study starting this week!

11. Watching a favorite old(er) movie.

12. The sleep I get in my old bedroom at the Farm.

13. Sharing old memories growing up in the country as as homeschooler with Jessi!

14. Not having to get up at my regular time untill Weds!!

15. Getting to attend a Professional Development Conference on Tuesday! I'm geeked!!

16. Dark nail polish.

17. Crazy good clearances at Sears that got me more work clothes!

18. Cardigans.

19. Hugs from my Momma

20. My purple glasses!

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