Thursday, September 1, 2011

Placenta Labels

There are some things that happen that I just can't keep to myself. It physically pains me not to share the hilarity with others. What happened next is a true story of true events.

I came back from lunch Thursday, and Jessi had quite the hilarious story for me of what had happened while I was gone. As she struggled to tell me, she was almost crying she was laughing so hard, and the story only got funnier as the day went on. By the night fall when I relayed it to Bryna I threw myself into a coughing fit because I was laughing so hard. Hopefully the hilarity will translate through written word.

Rewind to 1 pm Thursday.

I walk into the office after lunch and start putting my stuff together and sit down. I always ask if anything noteworthy happened while I was gone or anything I should know about.

Jessi starts laughing and covering her mouth with her hand.

Through her laughter I finally get her to tell me what happened.

Our unnamed work study who shall hereby be called MWS, had been working on files and labels most of the morning. When I left for lunch he was having problems getting the labels printed out on our ghetto printer. So Jessi was trying to help him to get them to print properly.

So he loaded the labels into the bottom tray on our COLOR printer and hit print on his document.

Jessi said all of the sudden it got very quiet in the office.

She turned around and saw MWS standing at the printer holding his labels out far away from his body, with a pale face and what can only be described as a stunned/horrified/terrified look on his face.

She said at that point she asked him if he was ok because he did not look very good at all.

MWS just slightly shook his head.

She asked him what was wrong and very slowly he turned the sheet of labels to face her, still holding them at arm's length away from his body.

At was at this time that she saw an 8 by 11 full color of a placenta.

Seconds later one of the faculty came through the door from the work room, looked at the empty copier and said "where's my babies??!!"

I don't think Avery makes a template for that!

I still cannot believe this happened while I was at lunch. I would have paid an entire week's paycheck to see this in person.

The joys of working with health professionals.

I should probably warn MWS not to have lunch in the workroom at the same time the Nurses are eating. We might never see him again.

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