Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small Teeth

I posted this on my facebook but it was just too funny not to blog about!

I was teaching Piano Lessons Tuesday night and was doing the younger sister "Little C", she asked me what Allegretto meant on the sheet music so we got into what I thought was a fascinating discussion about tempos and Allegro vs Allegretto.

I was really rolling along and she was concentrating and I just had this moment where I was like YES!! I am a PIANO TEACHER BABY!! This is what I was born for! I was really feeling it at that moment. Little C raised her hand and looks at me with the most serious expression. I leaned forward anticipating some great question about musicality, instead she said "Miss Charity? You have really small teeth!"

Um.. Excuse me?

"You have really small teeth.... Have you not noticed that?"

I was flabbergasted.

I asked her if it was a compliment and she did not know what a compliment was. So Big C, her older sister, and I taught her what a compliment was. Well then we also had to clarify what an insult was. After our English and Grammar discussion I turned back to Little C and asked her now knowing what both meant was that comment a Compliment or an Insult?

Dead silence.

Long. Painful Silence.

Finally she turns to me and says "Miss Charity? I'm just going to let you think it was a compliment."

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