Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer is officially over!

Or at least that's what it feels like this Labor Day weekend. After being so dog hot, Sunday we woke up and it was rather cool! Today it is very cool outside! I have the windows open in my bedroom and its only 70 degrees in there! YEAH! love it!! I'm dying laundry and baking brownies and for once it's not burning up in here. I love it!!

I came home today from the Farm, back to Laffy. Almost killed myself by carrying 8 bags upstairs all at once. I was panting and thought I was having a heart attack when i finally got up to the third floor. Dang near killed myself! But I did carry everything in :) I always come back with way more than I left with. My Momma is good to me!

I had a great time at the farm though! I watched two movies and read an entire book. And took one nap :) Got to worship at my parents church with them and that's always fun. Had lots of fresh food, and grilled pizza. yum yum yum that was ooooh soooo tasty!! And i spent all of saturday in my pjs. Now that was a good day! Complete with a thunderstorm, perfection!

I'll be back at the farm Saturday/Sun next weekend when our entire family will be there. I can't wait!!

So I'm back in town, and have been cleaning my apt since I got back. I am going to a professional development conference downtown Tuesday, and since it's so close to my apt Audie is coming over for lunch! So I've been super cleaning so she won't think i'm a slob :) I have desperately needed to mop and i finally did that today. I was so proud of myself!

Now I am baking brownies to have with our lunch, drying my clothes and watching Dr Phil's Housewives finale. It's not as exciting as I thought it would be.

It's officially fall though since Dr Phil will be new next week, and my shows, Greys, Private Practice and The Good Wife will all be starting soon! I love fall. Winter not so much, but Fall I like.

Now I just need some new fall outfits! Like skinny jeans and BOOTS!!

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