Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Topics!

Today was a busy but fun day! I had my Professional Development Conference downtown, which I discovered is 5 mins away from my apt! yay! Since I was so close to Downtown and got an hour and fifteen minute break! Audie came over to my apt and we had lunch together!! We struggled taking our picture untill I realized it looked fuzzy because the flash wasn't on. So I turned it on and snapped this pic. After looking at it I said Audie- you look weird!! I thought I was being a fabulous friend by telling her this :) Thankfully she looked much better on the computer screen and not the tiny camera screen!
After lunch I headed back downtown to the hotel for the afternoon's sessions. Overall it was a really informative and fun conference! There were only 11 of us attending so it was a nice small group. I sat with some really funny gals from a Dentists office and we laughed alot!

I snapped this pic in the bathroom, y'all know how I love a good bathroom pic!! This is one of my new tops I snagged on clearance 70% off at Sears, with an additional 30% off!! I made out like a bandit!!!!

After the conference I be-bopped over to the church to teach piano lessons. My girls are doing SO GOOD!!

Tomorrow it's back to the office. Conference after Labor Day just made it feel like a really long weekend!! A Fabulous long weekend! Don't know what i'll do just sitting at my desk! :)

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