Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I had a really rough week. Thursday night I came home to the sweetest card from Mr. Caca (hubby to Caca one of my BFF's.) It literally made me cry. I love having such great friends, and serving such a great God that knew I needed some encouragement and love and had that card come to me right when I needed it.

2. It was 35 degrees this morning. brrrrrrrrr..

3. I can't wait for it to be November and to go see my Snugglemuffin for Thanksgiving! I miss him sooo much! In his pictures he is turning more and more into a little boy and less of a baby. sniffles.

4. I can't wait to get my tree up and decorate for Christmas! I need to get the entertainment center and tv out of my bedroom so I can move my rocker in there and set up the tree in the living room. Yes I put my tree up before Thanksgiving (since i'm always gone)

5. I'm really struggling coming up with 7 things today. How sad is that?! I am also hungry.

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