Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fall Organizing Continues!

Tuesday night I tackled my Armoire and my Closet! As you can see I'm pretty much never earning the Proverbs 31 title with this mess in place. So I did something about it!! I cleaned out all of my clothes and just kept my tank tops/cami's, ect in the middle shelf.
The top shelf has all of my Coupon Stock thanks to my Awesome Couponing Momma!! L-R Shampoo Conditioner, Body Wash, Hair Products, and Contact Solution.
I'm holding all of my piano books that my AWESOME old Teacher is giving me. I have two more boxes in my truck and a bag but they are stinking heavy so they are coming little by little!! I was impressed with how nice it looked! yay go me!!
And voila!! I FINALLY cleaned off the top! I took some of the pictures from my entertainment center in my living room and put them on top of my armoire. I like how it turned out!
Ahhhh so clean, so pretty!!!!
I also cleaned off the top of my dresser while I was at it. Usually I lay my next day's outfit on top of it, yes I pick out my clothes the night before! But it had become a catch all so I added some family photo's and my Grandpa's Kermie, so I will want to keep it nice and pretty!
And a shot with the picture board that Katie made for me. Eventually when I get a house I'd love to take my dresser and armoire from my parents house and paint it black since I have a pink and black and lime bedroom. I think that would look really nice?!
And this is my trash/goodwill pile by the end of the night. I cleaned out all of the clothes i don't wear and am donating them. It felt so good to clear stuff out!!!

Next up on the cleaning cruise is my bathroom and everything under my sink.. eeps..!

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