Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Disclaimer- My camera hated me Saturday so All of the Pictures are from Emboz!

Saturday Jboz got married!! It was a really sweet ceremony, I teared up but I did not cry! Bunna took care of that for all of us!!
Jboz looked soooo pretty in her dress! But she is always beautiful!! I was so glad I was able to make it to her wedding! I think if I had been sick she would have came to my apt and drug me to the church :)
The newly married couple arriving at the reception! It was at a camp in the woods and they had the lights down and candles lit on all of the tables, it was soooo romantic!!
Here I am with my date-Madi!!!!! She was such a little ball of fluff in her big poofy dress! She was a little tired after all of the excitement so she was resting a little bit with Auntie Cherry. I got to watch her while Emboz went around taking pics and it was really fun! Worked out perfectly since I had went to the wedding alone and everyone I knew was in the party!
Awww cuties!!
Me and the gorgeous bride!! It's really nice to have a friend that is tall like me :)
Me, the Bride and Bunna. Seriously my new favorite hilarious picture! Bunna was having some crying issues and we were all making fun of her. I sat at the family table with Emboz, her hubs, the brides parents, and Bunna's hubby. We were taking bets on how many words she would get in her toast before she started crying. Um yeah she started crying during the best man's speech! HA!! Bless her heart!

All in all a wonderful day celebrating Jenni and Brandon's new life together!!

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