Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madi's 1st Birthday Party!

Get ready for cute baby photo overload!! Saturday was Madi's First Birthday party, her actual birthday is Oct 14'th but her Grandma, Auntie and Uncle were able to come from MI this weekend so she got to have them at her party!! I thought that was pretty cool! Here we are with Beans, who has become a really good friend of mine!! I just love the whole family. Minus the crazy cat.
I wish this wasn't blurry it's such a cute picture of the Madster!
Me and Beans. SO excited for her wedding coming up in two weeks and our Baptist Batchelorette Party next weekend! WOOT!!
And just one more for good measure :)
Then it was CAKE TIME!! Here is Mommy giving Madi her cake and singing.
Madi had several delicate little pinches of cake. I don't think she knew what to do with all of us staring at her.. The girl has never met food she didn't like but she was being very delicate with her cake..
For about 4 minutes and then she shoved it all into her mouth. That's my Madi!!
All Done!! I was impressed she didn't rub it on her head. She likes to rub food on her head. I have no clue why?
Emboz will do anything for a good picture. I don't blame her. Those kids were crowding Madi so much I could barely tell what was going on. If it wasn't the first time I'd been to the Boz house I prolly would have stood on the sofa as well!!!
Opening her presents from Auntie Cherry!!!!
After the presents were done they finally let her free and the kids moved and she took this opportunity to climb on top of one of her gifts.
Thats right, I got her a Pink Tutu. And I made her wear it. And if i do say so myself she looked completely adorable in it!!!! Kim actually made her this pink one for Pink Weds of course! And a Purdue one!!
I mean you can handle this cuteness? This cute little ball of fluff??!!
Total sugar.
Just doesn't get any cuter than that peeps!
Aunt Bunny was there as well! I was proud to see she wasn't wearing a scarf!!! ;)
At the very end.. it's my party and I will cry if I want to..

Especially if it's around naptime.

Happy Birthday Madelyn Faith! Auntie Cherry loves you!! And I will definitely NEVER forget the night you were born!! SHARON!!!!!