Friday, October 21, 2011

Surgery #13!!!

So Wednesday I had Surgery #13! I know, My life is pretty thrilling!! My Mom had come down with a horrible cold and couldn't be around me or at the hospital to give germs to other patients, so Emboz gracious stepped in and took me to my surgery.

I thought I would be alot more nervous than I usually am without my Momma, but I think I was the most calm before a surgery than I have been previously! I literally could feel everyone praying for me, I knew what the term "Covered in Prayer" felt like that morning for sure.

However there was one little stitch in the whole morning. We almost didn't make it to the hospital. As it was we almost didn't make it out of Lafayette! You see, Emily didn't have caffeine that morning. And we realized that Emboz without Caffeine is pretty detrimental to life!

She picked me up and we had to drive back through town to get on the interstate. We were at a 4-way stop near my apartment and we were just chatting away. Suddenly I realize there are no cars at this stop. We are literally just sitting there. I look at Emboz and she is totally oblivious to the fact. So I said, Um, you do realize we're not at a stop light right? Silence.. What? umm.. No!

I laughed so hard!!! Poor thing! I was trying not to be a back seat driver because everyone accuses me of that so I was trying not to say anything and be rude. Bless her heart.

So we drive on a little bit and come to the road before my work and two roads before the road that goes to the interstate. Well Emboz turns on the first road. I thought huh, I didn't know you could get on the interstate through here! Well maybe she knows a back road that I don't. So I was quiet untill she said, this road leads to the interstate right??? Um... No, I don't think so.

So around we turned and went back to Creasy. By this time I was questioning whether we were actually going to ever get out of town, let alone make it to my surgery!

Thankfully we did finally get to the hospital without any more problems. But we almost didn't make it home. More on that later.

We got to the hospital on time and waited for what seemed like a long time untill I was called back. I was happy to see my Purdue Nurse and she recognized me. Alot of people recognized me, i'm not sure if that's good or not? Anywho, I was happy to see her untill the little midget nurse walked in. She is a tad odd and not my favorite one. She is also the one that had me crying over my IV last Feb so needless to say I was not thrilled and overjoyed to see she would be taking care of me.

But THANKFULLY they had another nurse do my iv and she actually listened to me when I told her how hard I am to stick, and she gave me a NUMBING SHOT before she did my iv, oh my goodness! That made all the difference! I could feel her moving around with my vein but IT DIDN"T HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still didn't look as you can see in the picture below, I was braced for horrible pain but IT DIDN"T HURT!!!!!!!! I seriously LOVED her!!!! Nice Nurse who listened to me and did a fabulous job-you are awesome, i love you and i want you to come with me everytime i need an iv or blood drawn!!!

So after that I was pretty relieved and was ready to get the show on the road~! But instead we waited some more. I remember telling Emboz at one point if they waited any longer I was going to have to call Sharon for a bladder emptying-inside joke. Thankfully they finally wheeled me back into the or. It took two shots of the meds to get me out again which was strange, BUT when I got home I did not feel as loopy and woozy as I usually am so I think they must have given me a reduced dose.

I was fairly coherent that afternoon, although I remember pretty much NOTHING from the hospital after surgery. Emboz kept asking me if I remembered this or that, or telling her that the Nurse had two heads, nope. Don't remember a thing! I remember that I drank coke but that's about it.

Yes Emily took a picture of my Cokes. When I was getting my IV they were talking trying to disctract me and I was saying all I wanted was some coke when i got out of surgery. then the nurse said, we don't have coke anymore, now its pepsi products! I GASPED!! NOOOOO!!! the one thing I have been looking forward to!! Well the awesome IV nurse suggested that they call up to Dietary (??) and ask for some, so they did and I had these two miniature cans of coke after surgery. Amen, Hallelujah, Word to your Motha!! They were good!!

I don't remember this picture being taken either and I really don't look very pleased! ha! I think I was still pretty sleepy at that moment, but I have no clue because I remember nothing.

We left the hospital and really the first thing I remember is going to McDonalds to get more Coke and Emboz was hungry. I decided as we were waiting outside in line that I could go for some fries so she got me a coke and fries and I was happy as can be! I scarfed those fries down like someone who hadn't eaten for almost a week. Oh wait!!!!

We had one more kabobble, Em tried to pull onto the interstate and instead pulled onto the road right beside it. So we had to take a little detour and try again for the interstate. Needless to say she slurped her coke down quickly to get some much needed caffeine in her system! :)

Boz took me home and I laid all bundled up on the couch and she snuggled in the chair and we just hung out! At one point i got super tired and drifted off but then I was really hot and woke up. Then I was awake for awhile.

Grams came and made me some mashed taters and gravy for dinner, and relieved Emily of her duties. So I ate that and visited with her for a bit but then I got REALLY sleepy and was drifting off while she was still talking :)

So I convinced her to leave and let me sleep. Which I tried to do but my fan started making noise so I had to get up and try and shake it out of it. Which then made me realize how dirty it was! So I got my can of air and was blowing the yucks out, well of course then it got all over the floor so i had to vacuum that up. Needless to say I was awake after that! But I only made it one more hour untill I went to bed for good and slept for 15 hours straight! that was great!!! I pretty much slept all day Thursday, I was one tired little girl!

Thankfully it's all over and I feel SO much better! No more puking, no more nausea so bad that I can't move, no more pain, Hallelujah!!

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