Monday, October 3, 2011

This and That.......

This past week was sooo busy, but a lot of fun! I was out every night except for Thursday!! That was kinda crazy and by Saturday I was really tired. Thankfully I got to sleep in and took a nap Saturday so I was refreshed and awake for church on Sunday!

I always think of stuff to blog about when I'm laying in bed. But despite having my new notebook to keep track of my life, I never write it down! argh!

Madi's first birthday party is this coming Saturday! I can't wait to give her, her presents! They are sooooooooo cute!!!!

Sunday at church I almost froze to death for the first 45 mins. For the final 30 mins I was stinking hot.

I got a rug for under my kitchen table. Moving a glass table that's not attached to the base is a little tricky but I managed to do it and not break anything. Now I can't decide if I want to rug centered with the table or how I have it now, with alot of the rug being on the kitchen side.

My hair is beginning to remind me of Little Orphan Annie crossed with a Chia Pet. Let's just say it's curly and thick!!

I had Greek food for the first time Friday night and it was SOOOO good!! Even better was the company of Sherita and Holly! We laughed so hard I swear I should have had a 6 pack by the time I was done! We also closed down the restaurant! Livin life on the wild side folks!

This week I am hoping to organize and re-do my supply closet. It's kind of a hot mess.

BBQ Sauce+Italian Dressing+Chicken in a Crock pot=HEAVEN!!

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