Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's the most wonderfull time.. wait what??!

I know, I know, it's still November, WHY am I decorating for Christmas allready? Well folks the fact is I'm busy the next two weekends so last weekend was the only time I had available. So I decorated and I must say my apt feels OH so cozy now! Love it!
My poor little tree is missing lights in the bottom/middle. Every year I cannot figure out how to plug them in (pre-lit) and every year i have a dark spot. I am beginning to make peace with the fact that apparently there will be a dark spot on my tree from here on out.
I love my 75 cent Nativity set that I scored at Walmart after Christmas last year!
I love Reindeers. True Story.
The tree and my coffee table. Snowflakes and a JOY sign.
One of my end tables. Hope, Faith and Peace. And a light up snowman!
Some of the shelves on my entertainment center. prolly should have dusted, huh?
A side view of my tree and entertainment center and my Standing Reindeer and Sly the Snowman on top of my bookshelf. Every member of our family owns a Sly. Mom got a deal :)
and yes, those are Christmas presents all wrapped. I know, I'm pretty awesome! I have a few more to buy and make and then I'm done!! YEAH! GO ME!!

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