Monday, November 21, 2011


A dear friend's birthday is this week and I made this for her. She is huge into music, and after being out of the business for several years she is starting to teach voice lessons again! I saw this quote online and thought it was perfect. I decided to make her a sign and frame it so she would have some art work in her studio! You can't really tell in the picture but the frame I found is wood, and looks alot like that of a Piano. I was SO excited to find the perfect frame for it!
Last week we had MASSIVE rains and some tornadoes. We were sheltered downstairs Monday afternoon for over an hour and a half. While we were sheltering we found out a tornado had been just across the road from us. That was kind of scary but I was more concerned about how hot and sweaty I was. It was gross.
I was SO excited to have lunch with Holly(isn't she gorgeous??!!)!!!! After a cruddy morning a lunch with a friend was just what I needed! I laughed so hard!!

I have to share the following story. Saturday I spent all day waiting on and then dealing with Comcast. I am fighting the urge to blog about all of their nefariousness and how much they annoyed me. So I'll just share this and Holly's reaction, because I laughed so hard I nearly peed my skirt!

Saturday night, around 8:30 i had been talking online over chat with three different comcast customer service reps. The first two I talked to were really nice and helpful, but then I got sent to michelle in sales. She was not so nice. I felt like she was being really rude and smarmy to me and not very helpful.

I should say at this point it had been HOURS of dealing with Comcrap, and I was managing to have a good attitude and think about everything I blogged about last week and how in the scheme of life this doesn't really matter.

Then something snapped and I had just had enough. I was done. So she asks me over 45 mins later if there is anything else she can do for me.

So I said:

Yes, You might want to work on your Customer Service skills a little bit, I felt like you were rather rude.

And Then I found the exit chat button and started furiously clicking on it with my mouse, while holding my left hand over my eyes because I was afraid to see what her response would be!

I'm telling this to Holly, and explaining that this is why I don't insult people or say mean things because I am just too weak and a scardy cat to see what they might say back.

She is laughing hysterically and says that she wishes she could hear what this lady would say to her friends when she's telling them about the girl she helped in video chat that covered her eyes after she insulted her!!!!

I cracked up!!! No fears, it was NOT over video chat, just typing chat. I told Holly if it had been over video chat then i would have covered my ears so I wouldn't hear her response!

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