Friday, November 18, 2011

You can't fight the Biebs...

Tuesday night I was SO excited to bring Christmas music to Piano Lessons for the girls to start working on! They are both advancing better than I had expected, both of them are showing a real talent for the Piano and I continue to be amazed at their sight reading skills. I definitely did not posses that at their ages.

Being that I get overly excited I was having the girls guess what I had brought. Little C guessed it was "Princess Music" and since 1. she was wrong and 2. i don't even know what qualifies as "Princess Music" I called Big C up to the Piano and had her guess.

Her first guess was.......

Hip Hop

Not so much Big C.

So I tried to lead her on with her guesses by asking her what was coming up in the next weeks.

She gives me a blank look.

I say- Come on Big C what BIG EVENT is coming up??

All of the sudden her face LIGHTS UP and she YELLS out




Needless to say Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls and We Three Kings did not exactly incite the intended excitement I had hoped for.

Later on as I was doing Big C's lesson, we were going through her song and writing down the notes. Since we're playing right and left hands now sometimes the girls miss the left hand if we're primarily playing the melody in the right hand. Well she missed a note in the left so I started singing a song.

From the perspective of the note.*

It went a little like this..

Oop Oop What about me??

Oop Oop Who could I be??

Big C looks at me and says "Miss Charity- WHAT was that??!!"

You wanted Hip Hop didn't you?

THAT was hip hop?

Big C, I am a white girl, with no rhythm. Yes, that was hip hop.

Ohhaky. If you say so.

*Hey If Little C can name her fingers, and talk for them, I think it is certainly appropriate to talk for the poor little music notes that have no voice!*

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