Friday, December 16, 2011

Ladies who Lunch! December Edition!

We were FINALLY able to have our Combined Nov/Dec Ladies who Lunch. After me being sick, and Emily's Grandma passing, and then Emily being sick we had to keep rescheduling so I was excited we finally were able to meet! We headed to a favorite, Buck Creek Pizz! Madi was helping Mommy open her present!!
I LOVE this picture!! Madi was cracking up, and we were dying laughing over her little chortle/chuckle. She kept cracking herself up and laughing and it was the funniest thing!
She also very much enjoyed Auntie Cherry's Yogi Bear Voice. That's right folks, I'm talented.
The group shot didn't go so well.... Madi was rather taken with a table of some fellows.
Proof that she is finally growing some hair! YAY Madi!!
She was pretty much over pictures by this point and she really really wanted to go in the kitchen.

This thing was odd so we made her pose by it. HA!
Em snapped this, I was talking to Madi and she was just grinning at me. So sweet. Love that girl!!

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