Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Bathroom Decor!

 I can tell I am becoming an adult. New Decor for my apt has me thrilled beyond means. And don't get me started on my matching glassware set! I was so excited that my Mom and SIL both got me stuff for my bathroom!! (The funny thing is they didn't plan it and yet both got the same color and shade!) I literally could not wait to come back to town and put it all together! I got two new rugs as you can see on the ground. to replace my three rugs of different colors.
 Liz made me a potted flower arrangement that you can see on my shelf and I got a soap holder and a toothbrush and toothpaste holder. I was pretty excited about the toothbrush and toothpaste holder since I had none. My toothbrush was on the ledge and I would put my toothpaste wherever I thought it wouldn't leak out. Which pretty much meant it leaked out all the time.
 I also got new washclothes, hand towels, and shower towels! You can see the flowers better in this pic as well.
 I got a new shower curtain! three to be exact! I put the black one up for winter I figured it kind of went. I am saving my other for Summer since they are flowery. I might just save it for my new place that i'll be moving to in July!
My new pink towel looks so bright and pretty hanging on my door! Thanks Mom and Liz!!


Anonymous said...

very nice!

LizzieB said...

The curtain your mom got goes really well with the black and white and pink stuff I got too! Super cute!