Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 Year in Review

So it's the end of January and I'm just now getting around to writing my recap of 2011.  Knowing me it will be May before this post gets published!

When I think back on 2011 the word that stands out to me is GROWTH 

2011 was not my favorite year by far, but I learned so much. I went thru many hard trials, but through it all God was with me and I learned how to stand thru those trials with him holding me up.

I dealt with many health issues over the year. And I finally learned that it was OK to speak up about them. I have gotten used to my Chronic Illnesses and I don't feel like complaining about it all the time, so in my mind I just didn't talk about it. 

But I found out when I was able to open up about it to my friends at church and I realized there was so much support and LOVE for me. That I wasn't bothering them by sharing my struggles, they wanted to walk thru it with me and love me and pray for me thru it all. And that has been HUGE. Knowing that I can open up to people and they will care.. It's huge.

Going thru health issues and having to depend on God has grown my faith. Having to just give everything up to God and depend on him to provide for me and take care of me. I am still working on this as I have a huge sin need for control, or at least the facade of it in my mind. But I'm working on it. And crazyily, giving up control, makes me more at peace.

I've also been Growing Up Period this year. I cut out a source of drama from my life and that was very freeing. I've also been distancing myself from people who cause drama and thrive in it. That is not the life I want to lead. I will always be the Crazy Cherrybear who tells exuberant hilarious stories, but I have no desire for the drama anymore.

And learning to be a Woman of Discretion and Discernment. I can see the most growth and change here, as I've learned it is much more powerful to keep your thoughts and knowledge to yourself. My Dad has his famous saying of Telephone, Telegraph, Tell a Friend, Tell a Charity. I'm proud to say that has changed. At times my natural honesty has been too much, if you can believe that. Learning how to be honest, but to keep things to myself has been huge.

I think GRACE  would be another word for the year.

Yes, many hard things happened, but thru his Grace, the absolute worst did not. When I think about how hard the year was I always go back to my Dad's accident, and the fact that he really should not be here with us today.

In May my Dad had an accident at work in which he should have had his leg crushed and lost his leg at the very least, in reality he should have been killed by that, but by God's grace he got Dad out of that accident with just a broken ankle.

Now my Dad at this point would interject JUST a Broken ankle??!!!! 

Yes he had to have surgery, and had a horrible infection in his foot, and went thru months of pain, crutches, phsyical therapy and was still in pain. But today he is cleared, and he can walk on his foot. Best of all. He's here. He can crawl around on the floor with his Grandson. He celebrated his 35'th Wedding Anniversary with my Mom, he can fix my truck,

And when you look back at it like that. Things don't seem so bad after all.

I'm pretty sure he'd interject here again. :)

There's been one song that's really been going thru my head this year. My Daddy used to sing this in church when I was a little girl. I think it sums up 2011 quite well. It was a tough year, but I came through it at the end with a deeper love for Christ, a deeper relationship with him, and a greater sense of thankfulness

Verse 1:

i've Had Many Tears And Sorrows,

i've Had Questions For Tomorrow,

there's Been Times I Didn't Know Right From Wrong.

but In Every Situation,

god Gave Me Blessed Consulation,

that My Trials Come To Only Make Me Strong.


through It All,

through It All,

i've Learned To Trust In Jesus,

i've Learned To Trust In God.

through It All,

through It All,

i've Learned To Depend Upon His Word.

verse 2:

i've Been To Lots Of Places,

i've Seen A Lot Of Faces,

there's Been Times I Felt So All Alone.

but In My Lonely Hours,

yes, Those Precious Lonely Hours,

jesus Lets Me Know That I Was His Own


verse 3:

i Thank God For The Mountains,

and I Thank Him For The Valleys,

i Thank Him For The Storms He Brought Me Through.

for If I'd Never Had A Problem,

i Wouldn't Know God Could Solve Them,

i'd Never Know What Faith In God Could Do

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