Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. I have been informed (and now catch myself doing it) that every time I leave my office to walk anywhere, I look both ways before walking out the door. Like a little child. If you have ever walked our halls you would do the same thing! Safety first!!

2. I am such a creature of habit it is not even funny. I park in the same space or area in every parking lot that I use, I go as far as even using the same bathroom stall at work. TMI?

3. I've been strangely fascinated lately by the Christian's in the public eye. Of course everyone is watching Tim Tebow, but awhile back I started reading Baron Batch's Blog (which I would highly recommend) and he has some really interesting thoughts on living his faith and recently on protecting himself as a Christian Male, and one in the public eye. I definitely wish that all guys had the respect for themselves and for women that he is trying to show. It gives me hope.

4. I have to say that while I enjoy reading People magazine I never want to be in it. (Sorry Steve Helling) I love my life of anonymity and my precious 34 little blog readers!! And going to Walgreen's in my yoga pants, a hoodie, my jd hat and glasses and no makeup. Maybe I should add that I hope no one ever tells Stacy and Clinton about me either...

5. Seriously though, I have a hard enough trusting people as it is. I would think it would be a pretty lonely life if you always had to question someone's motives.

6. This is a rather deep installment of quick takes. Maybe I'm becoming smarter as I get ready to turn OLD?

7. I still can't believe I'm turning 30 next month. and yes. I am going to continue to say this and post about it.  It slightly makes me want to go into a STATE as my Mom puts it.

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