Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. My Truck seat is fixed!!! Hallelujah! I am SO relieved to have it fixed and not to be so uncomfortable everytime I go somewhere.

2. A little bummed because I was supposed to have a massage this afternoon, apparently they cancelled it but never called to tell me that. Phooey :(

3. BUT that only gave me time to make mini cakes for me and Holly's Girls Pajama Movie night tonight!! I'm making my new famous crock pot chicken tacos and we're going to watch The Help! yays!!

4. This was a really busy week and it seemed to go on for forever, but, by the Grace of God despite not feeling well and having migraine issues weds night/thurs am I made it thru the whole week!

5. I am still LOVING my Roku and LOVING not having a cable bill. Shockingly I am not missing live tv. I do miss TLC and the Real Housewives but that's it!

6. It's January and about 38 degrees and I have my balcony door cracked open for some cool air. My apt is burning up hot! I will admit that I had my windows in my truck cracked as well and that I wore flip flops with my hoodie and track pants when I was out today.

7. Target has gotten way too much of my money this week. I went there Friday and scored a pair of trouser jeans, a shirt and a dress. Well the dress was indecent, so I returned it this morning and got three pairs of clearanced shoes. I love flats. I really do. and a 7 bucks a pop for fancy ones who can pass that up? Obviously NOT ME!

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