Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Glory Days

 I found some old picture on my computer the other day and had to take a moment to bask in the Glory Days of my youth. Youth. Skinniness. Hard to believe that in all these pictures I didn't think I was skinny or pretty. I wish I knew then what I know now! I wanted so badly to look like someone else, when I was beautiful as myself.
 Although I have to admit I have grown in my hair styling and coloring the past several years. That I am grateful for!
 But to have that beautiful skin. No dark circles or crows feet by my eyes. Sighs..
 To be that skinny.
 Oh to be THAT skinny!!
 Maybe not that skinny, I was sickly looking there. But I definitely wish I still had those shoes. Those were killer shoes.
 Soon my hair will be this long again! YEAH!!
 One of the rare, rare moments when I straightened my hair.
 I actually remember this morning, it was a Sunday and Amy had come with me to my church. My parking space was stolen and we had an incident trying to park with some college guys.
 Man did I have some skinny legs!
 This was an awkward hair color. I told you I've gotten better over the years!
It was a cute hairstyle though!!

I am sure in 5-10 years I will look back on pictures from today and think how great I looked then and didn't realize it and wish I looked that way in the present day! 

I may not be skinny and I may not be "hot" but I am more secure in myself than I have ever been before, thanks to the love of God! I look forward to growing deeper in him in the coming years. I pray that Wisdom, and Knowledge come along with my wrinkles and crows feet.

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