Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Midweek Confessions

I'm linking up once again with e over at for her Midweek Confessions!

I may or may not be writing this the day before because I was worried I would forget.
I may or may not have a book in my truck that is 14 days overdue from the library. Did I mention that the library is RIGHT NEXT to the building I work in? It's not like it's miles away and I'm by it everyday, oh no.

I'm on my strict diet once again and the first few days are ROUGH as I adjust to no sugar. I was pretty cranky today, so much that MWS told me to "eat a donut and be happy" . I am proud to say I did NOT eat a donut. (Possibly because there were none)

We still haven't opened our stockings at work. They are STILL hanging up by our file cabinets. I at least took my Christmas decorations down from my desk, but the stockings? Still stuffed. Still hanging up....

To help with my crankiness my lil brother Tyler sent me a joke over text. It was so funny, more like pathetic, that I had to share it with my office mates. However since the joke involved "moo'ing" and I did a very good impression of a cow moo'ing, they did not get the joke so much as they thought my Moo was hilarious. OK maybe you had to be there.


Ashley said...

I never get my library books back on time! And how funny I posted about the library this week too. :) happy late fees!

E said...

I'm so glad you came back and didn't forget! And, grumpy or not, I'm super impressed that you are not eating ANY sugar - i "started" a diet on Monday and have yet to actually start. :)