Friday, January 13, 2012

Miss Marple

Awhile ago I got a rude comment from an anonymous commenter on my blog. (Yes I'm talking to YOU Colorado) I didn't post about it because I realize that if you have to make nasty comments to people anonymously on the internet to make yourself feel better, then you're obviously pretty pathetic and your life must suck. 

Regardless of that, I found it kind of funny, Yes, I am the person that would laugh at a funeral. I struggle. And I told my friend Val, who brings our mail, about it. Well now everytime she brings our mail up she says "Hi School Marm", (yes the idiot called me a school marm, I told you it was funny!) and we giggle.
So now that School Marm is my nickname we have been trying to find a good school marm-ish name to give me. There has been googling involved. FINALLY today Val came up with the PERFECT one and after I googled pictures of her I had to agree.  So I would like to introduce you to Miss Marple. My new nickname. I am going to work on perfecting her facial expression in the first picture.

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