Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The post in which I prove I am dull

 In case you didn't allready realize it, it doesn't take very much to entertain me or make me happy. Case in point the other night. I was cleaning and rearranging my kitchen and tackling my kitchen table that's only used for collecting stuff. I had a pile of Christmas Card Photo's and decided that I wanted to hang them on my fridge year round, so I could see my friends. Luckily I found some clear magnetic picture frames and was able to stick the cards in them to display!
 I even cleared off my notepads and other various magnets. The magnets may or may not be on the side of my fridge that I didn't take a picture of......Oo.o
And this cracks me up! Emboz's family pic last year. Poor Greg is too tall to fit in the picture frame so all you get is his arm. Sorry Greg.

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