Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30'th Birthday Day!

 Monday was my 30'th Birthday and it was a day long event! Ok week long if we're really going to be honest! The festivites started with sweet Bradley bringing me my Favorite Starbucks drink in the morning at work! That definitely woke me up!

At lunch, Audra and I headed to Firehouse subs, one of my FAVES! They give you a free Sandwich on your Birthday! Sweet!
 Audie and I take our best pictures in the car :)
 Audie brought her present for me and I was pretty excited to open it! Yes, that is a "Birthday Princess" pin that you see on my shirt.
 My Gift! It's soooo neat! Audie made this for my Piano Studio, It is well with my soul is my favorite hymn! If you can't tell, the words are cut out of sheet music! WAY COOL!!

They were sooo nice to me at Firehouse Subs! Everyone wished me a happy birthday and then they gave me this stunning hat and proceeded to sing to me! So sweet!!
 Before I left work I got a flower and chocolate delivery from sweet Sheryl. I was so surprised! If you can't tell this is a cake made out of live flowers!
 I wish I was this creative to think of something like that! I'm still in awe of how neat this is!!
After work I went and taught my Monday night Piano Student. I taught her how to play Happy Birthday so she started the lesson off with that. Super cute! What really got me though, and made me all teary eyed, was at the end of the lesson, her Dad got home, he always pops by and says Hi to me, well he came and said HI, I yelled Hi back, and then I heard him say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I turned around, and he is holding a little plate with the above Pink Cupcake, and a lit candle! Sooooo Sweet! (I seriously got all teary eyed, the most likely thought I was nuts) And before I could blow out my candle and make my wish, my student had to play Happy Birthday for me again. It was just the sweetest thing ever!!

Me and my YUMMY cupcake!
 After work and Piano lessons, I was finally free to go to my annual Olive Garden Birthday dinner! YAYS! I of course, got the same thing I get every year! Salad and breadsticks, with alfredo sauce...
 Stuffed Mushrooms
Chicken Fettucini Alfredo
 I was blessed to have dinner with some super sweet friends! Here I am with Missy. We have known eachother since I was in HS and had hair down to my waist, chicken bangs, and huge glasses! I think she is glad I don't look like that anymore!
It is not a celebration without my Bryna being involved! Here she is with Val, one of my spiritual mentors, and the leader of my beloved women's bible study (and again if you're not in one, you really need to be!)

 Me and my Brynners!!
Val and I!

I was so blessed to have such a nice day surrounded by people that love me! a BIG Thank You to everyone who went out of their way to make me feel so special and cared about!

Here I am 30!! Let's DO This!!

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