Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I got my hair did!

 Friday Night Ms Bryna came over and colored my hair! I wanted something alittle feisty for my upcoming Birthday Bonanza, so she gave me some blonde and red streaks! I LOVE the red! Seriously thinking of doing red all over next time! 

The above picture should also be entitled "Why I was late to church on Sunday" I don't know why I try to straighten my hair. It never ends up well and never looks good. :(

 This was taken without the flash by accident but I thought it looked kinda cool!
My hair in it's natural state, Curly. Amen and Amen. Please ignore my really messy sink and counter. I don't have enough space.

Big thanks to Bryna for once again hitting it out of the ballpark with my super awesome hair!

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