Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I get *WAY* too excited when I see that I have a new Blog Follower. It makes me feel so popular!!

I am still overwhelmed trying to find a place to live come July. I find something I think I like and then in some way it just doesn't work, or falls through. Getting discouraged. And then thinking of the ones I know who have sold houses and have nowhere to live, then I feel guilty for stressing so much.

I made my Monday night  Piano Student raise her right hand and pledge to always follow Pink Wednesday, every Wednesday, No matter what. And yes, I even had her say "I Do Solemnly swear"

I may have also taught her how to play Happy Birthday, just so she could play it for me on my Birthday.

I may be celebrating my birthday all week long. Why not?

I'm struggling with the blogging lately. With my new schedule of teaching three nights a week and Bible Study on the other night, I'm only home on Friday nights and by then I'm exhausted. I could blog and tell you about how crazy busy I am and how I leave my house at 7 am and am lucky to get home by 6:30 pm.

It takes me entirely too long to write these posts.


LizzieB said...

One thing I have learned with all this house stuff is to be just as thankful for the "no's." God is just as much answering your prayers with the no's as well as the yes's, and they only reason he says no is because he has something even better in store, you just have to wait for it! The waiting of course is the hard part, and trying not to fret in the meantime.

E said...

First, Happy Birthday! It looks like it was a good one!

Second, thanks for linking up. I'm right there with you trying to figure out how to fit blogging into my crazy schedule. Just keep at it girl!

Ashley said...

I believe in not only birthday weeks, but birthday MONTHS! Live it up!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I always love getting a new reader on the blog as well!