Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30'th Birthday Partay-The Cake!

I have evil friends. There I said it. But it's true!! Katie Marie made me this fabulous 3 tired chocolate cake, and then in her nefariousness made me cut the entire thing by myself.

Now I should mention that two years ago, she and her hubs were at an Olive Garden Birthday dinner with me and we ordered the Birthday cake (that they make you PAY for, which I still think is ridiculous) and they deemed that I should cut it since I was the Birthday Girl. People. I cannot cut a round cake to save my life. And Katie Marie knows this as she has seen it first hand.

So being the kind, loving friend that she is. She thought a repeat performance was in order..

I think this picture is jut precious. Love my Sam Sam! Please note what the cake looks like above.

This is the face of confusion. I asked how to cut it. Katie said layer by layer. Clearly that counfounded me. Emboz said all at once.

Stupidly, I listened to Emboz.

Sam didn't mind though!

 It took extreme concentration to cut with such precision and skill.

Wait! Don't forget the middle piece!!

So what if you had to put three pieces on a plate to make up one whole piece?

The Aftermath.

For the love of all, people, please make me a square cake next year!!

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