Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

Have you noticed that I do really well at blogging when I have fun events to talk about, but I'm seriously struggling on the day to day blogging? 

There is a lady in our parking lot that is a hoarder. like serious, hard core hoarder, if you opened the back of her vehicle stuff would fall out. I am slightly fascinated and horrified by this. As I got out of my vehicle today I looked into mine and realized if I don't clear it out soon there will be two of us here.

I still have not gotten used to my new cell phone, so bless their hearts, my poor friends are getting all kinds of weird texts. It is not my fault! Samsung keyboards are alot different than my old keyboard! I still don't know why they need 5 arrows on it to go all over. It's not a word document people, just a text!

While we're at it, I'm still having trouble answering my phone, Because I can't find the answer and the speaker button. I almost panic when someone calls me because I have such a hard time picking it up!!Yes, I know, I struggle so much it's not even funny.

I paint my toes every week. I believe in having painted toes at all time. You would think with doing it 52 weeks a year I would be good at it. no. I am not. I am the worst toe painter you have ever seen. Not only are my toes painted but the skin surrounding them is as well. No matter how hard I try, I always fail!

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