Monday, March 12, 2012

So I went Spray Tanning......

I had a three spray tan package at a local tanning place, so I decided to use one of them and go spray tanning Friday night before my partay on Saturday. I thought I get a nice glow and look super cute. What I did not plan on was the special experience. I got to wear the hat above, which made me feel like I was heading into surgery.
 You get into this chamber (which was open thankfully) and get sprayed down head to toe, and then you turn and do different poses (as outlined in the picture I'm posing by in the first pic) One of them felt like I was doing a disco move. I kid you not. When it spray's you, I did not count on it TICKLING! oh my mercy it tickled SO BAD! I was going Wheewwwweeeiiii!! And shivering! Which made me laugh. It was so cold as well! I was literally doing a little dance inside of it. Mercy if anyone had seen me. I'd be so chawed. The drying down process was more of the same, it was not exactly warm air and it tickled like crazy again.
All to get this result. Do you see a tan? Nope. No Tan. Still white. Just stinky afterwards. So basically I had a cold tickle session. I think I will pass on that. Apparently I need to come to terms with the fact that I may never been tan ever again.

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