Monday, March 26, 2012

Stop the presses!

I know! I'm being all kinds of crazy and blogging on a Monday, with no pictures! Whoooo!!! Clearly I have went off the deep end. But I figured the 3 people who are still reading my blog might need a little shake up.

Things are going well in Cherrybear-land. The weather is gorgeous, life is going fairly smoothly, and I'm learning to trust in God and his perfect timing. Well, trying to at least!

I don't think I blogged about it, but I finally have a home to move to in July! My lease on my apt that I have been at for 4 1/2 years is up and since I'm basically disgusted with the management and bursting at the seams I decided to move.

After much stress and duress I finally found a townhome that I really like that fits into my budget! YAYS!! The only thing it doesn't have is a garage, but for the price and the niceness of it, a garage I can live without!! So I am super excited about that and super relieved to be done home hunting. Talk about stress.

Now that I know where i'm going I have been gearing up to move in a few months by cleaning out my apt. Selling furniture that I don't really like or use and generally just getting rid of stuff. Ahhh it's a wonderful feeling!! And considering we have to move everything down from the third floor, yes, getting rid of stuff is a GOOD idea.

Piano lessons continue to be the light of my week. I have 5 students now and I'm continuously amazed by their skills. They pick it up so much quicker than I did when I started. I am so proud of all of my students!!

(This is beginning to sound like a Christmas letter....)

Bible study is ending soon, which makes me sad.  I haven't been able to go every week with being sick this semester so that is a bummer. The fellowship and encouragement I get from those ladies and the word is just priceless.

I have jumped on the Mars Hill/Mark Driscoll bandwagon, thanks to the Bergs. I found out that I have a channel on my Roku that I can actually watch his sermons on! I was pretty stoked about that. So the Sundays when I'm not feeling well enough to go to church, which sadly is many, I hang out with the Mars Hill folks. 

I'm really looking forward to Easter. It's a very special time for me each year, remembering how God brought me out of my sin and showed me his deep, deep love for me. Easter week is a very sacred time for me, leading up to Good Friday. I have this intense anticipation all week until Good Friday. Until that day, where he laid it all down. for me. and you! I love going to our Good Friday Service at church because it really focuses on the cross. In that dark room, you really feel like you are just with Jesus at the cross.  And it's real. It's so real you can almost feel the nails going in and hear the hammer, and smell the sweat. It's real people. And it's really, amazingly awesome what he did for us.

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